General Terms and Conditions for
Visitors and other Participants

1. Tickets

1.1. By purchasing of a ticket for the Blockchain Finance Forum, the purchaser and BlockExpo GmbH, FN 494070 z, as organizer and host of the event become contractual parties.

1.2. The ticket cannot be resold. Any other use of the ticket is prohibited unless the host consents to it in writing. Violation of this clause voids the ticket without any compensation to the purchaser.

1.3. In case of loss of the ticket, the ticket purchaser has no right to a replacement ticket.

2. Entry / Security Check

2.1. Visitors under the age of 18 may only enter the Blockchain Finance Forum if accompanied by a legal guardian. The host may control the age of a visitor in case of doubts about such visitor’s age.

2.2. Entry on the premises is only permitted with a valid ticket.

2.3. The host may prohibit the entry of a visitor due to important grounds attributable to the visitor. Such important grounds are, among others, visible influence of alcohol or any other substance abuse, garments displaying racial, homophobic or any other inhuman message, the carrying of excessive food or drinks (if not removed upon request) or the carrying of contraband, such as weapons, fireworks, torches or illegal drugs. The host may control the bags of the visitors.

2.4. In case the visitor is prohibited from entering the event, the visitor may claim compensation for the ticket. Any further claims of the visitor against the host are excluded unless the host acted willfully or grossly negligent. The preceding sentence does not apply if the visitor has set an important ground. In such case, the visitor has no right to claim any compensation for the price of the ticket.

2.5. Visitors, requiring due to their mental or physical state require a supervision, are responsible for such supervision and the host is not contractually obliged to provide for such supervision. This applies to visitors requiring supervision, supervising persons and any other visitor.
In case a visitor has left the event, re-entry is allowed by presenting the ticket.

3. Cancellation of the Event, Program Changes

3.1. The host may cancel the event or change the venue or date of the location of the event. In such case, the visitor may claim compensation for the purchase price of the ticket within two weeks of the originally scheduled date of the event or the publication of the venue change. The publication of any of the above stated events will be published on the homepage of the host: The claim must be submitted to the host by way of email to The tickets must be attached to the email.

3.2. The host may without prior notification amend the program of the event or cancel single sub-events or alter the location or beginning time of such sub-events.

4. House Order and other Prohibited Actions

4.1. On the premises of the event, the host has domestic authority. Instructions of security personnel or personnel of the host must be followed.  

4.2. Without the prior written consent of the host, visitors may not sell any kind of products or services, advertise any products or services, solicit any other visitors to conclude any agreements or perform any surveys on and around the premises of the event.

4.3. Animals are prohibited on the premises of the event. Smoking is prohibited on the premises of the event.
Violations of any of the prohibitions may lead to removal of the visitor from the event. In such case, the visitor has no right to claim any damages or compensation.

5. Photos and Recording Devices

5.1. The taking of photography or recording of videos on the premises of event is permitted with mobile phone cameras or ordinary recording devices provided such photos or videos are used for private purposes only.

5.2. Any usage of pictures or any kind of recordings for commercial purposes is only permitted with the prior written consent of the host. For each case of violation, the host may claim a contractual penalty in the amount of EUR 5,000 without prejudice for any damages exceeding the contractual penalty.

5.3. The visitor acknowledges that during the event a plethora of pictures will be taken, and videos will be recorded, which may be used for any kind of public relations or marketing purposes in connection with the event and for general public relations purposes of the host or any exhibitor and such materials may be published in different media. To the extent permitted by law, the visitor consents to the usage of his or her pictures or any other recorded material.

6. Liability

6.1. Any damage claim of the visitor against the host is excluded unless the host, any of its legal representatives or any of its vicarious agents acted willfully or with gross negligence.

6.2. The host is not liable for any damaged, stolen or lost goods of the visitor. The usage of the cloak room is at the visitor’s own peril.

7. Data Protection

7.1. Reference is made to the host’s data protection declaration, available at, which shall apply to this general terms and conditions.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1. Any annexes to this general terms and conditions or any amendments thereto require the written form. This applies also to the amendment of this clause.

8.2. Austrian law applies without regard to the international conflict laws. To the extent permitted by law, the venue for any dispute in connection with those general terms and conditions shall be Vienna.